Insta Millionaire Novel last episode

Insta Millionaire Novel last episode

 Insta Millionaire Chapter 11 - Credit Falsely Claimed

Insta Millionaire Novel

While Rose Scott was daydreaming, her father spoke up, "My daughter, how is that solution I found? Rose, I got a little anxious this morning. I said I'd give you to Luciel Brennan in anger. Don't be mad at me, please..."

Her father's words made Rose blush even more.

"What are you about? My friends e listening! You said u given me to Luciel how could you have said that!" she exclaimed.

Rose's face turned red as she stood walked a few feet to take the call personally. up and

"Dad, you're not the one who found a solution are you?" Rose asked.

Rose smiled' sweetly and pulled him toward the table. The other at the table all stood up when they saw Zane coming over and looking at him fawningly.

Zane had a connection with the head of the New York City Merchant Union, so he had a much higher position than his classmates.

"So many people, Zane whispered to himself as he walked toward the dining table. He felt very satisfied as he saw everyone standing up to welcome him. He lowered his hand and asked, "Everyone, why are you all standing there?"

After Zane's words, they all sat down. "You sit with me," Rose pulled Zane toward her.

"Hi, Zane!" Rose walked up to Zane with a smile on her face and grabbed his hand. She stared into his eyes like a little girl, "Thank you. I am touched that you helped when I needed you the most."

Zane glanced at Rose s hand. With a boost of courage, he gently grabbed her hand and looked at her charming face. His eyes were unmoved as he gently said, "Don't say such things--it's not a big deal."

Zane was studying at Preston university .and he was not far from campus. When Zane arrived Rookie's Lodge and the other people with the look of envy in their eyes, his heart became a bit calmer and his expression a bit haughty. Zane was six feet tall and a bit chubby with a slightly oily complexion to his white face.

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Afte hanging up the phone, Rose proudly looked around

When the others heard about the president f the Merchant Union, they were shocked. Someone who could befriend the president was no ordinary person.

Rose had such a good friend. How could they not be envious?

To be Continue....

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