Worldwide Simulation Era

Worldwide Simulation Era

 Worldwide Simulation Era 

By- White Divine Crane.

Worldwide Simulation Era


This was an era where everyone could experience various worlds through simulations.

When everyone reached 16 years old, they would receive a Life Lantern, which would grant them two free simulations.

During the free simulations, they had to break through the limits of humans in order to attain a bright future in reality.

Otherwise, they would lose their Life Lanterns and they would slowly be corrupted by a black fog until they eventually died at a young age.

Lin Qiye, who transmigrated to this era, failed his first simulation.

During his second simulation, by chance, he acquired a permanent SSS-rank talent - the Deduction of Genesis.

Lin Qiye’s first life: [When you were two, you had a sudden illness, causing you to have a deformed head and low IQ. When you were 15, your parents passed away. When you were 18, you died of an incurable disease.]

Lin Qiye commanded, “The Deduction of Genesis, deduce for me a way to transcend this life.”

[Congratulations for defying the heavens and successfully changing your fate. You acquired S rank in your evaluation. Your rewards are…

His second life: [When you were 15, the spiritual aura on Earth rejuvenated. You did not awaken any talent while your childhood best friend achieved outstanding attainments with her awakened talent. When you were 16, you were killed by a stranger.]

Lin Qiye summoned, “The Deduction of Genesis!”

[You carefully made plans before the spiritual aura rejuvenated. Because of this, you defied the heavens and successfully changed your fate. You acquired S rank in your evaluation. Your rewards are…]

Chapter 1

The Simulation Era

[The Life Lantern has sufficient energy, and you can activate the simulation once.]

[Please note that in every simulation, no matter how many years you experience, only a day will pass in the main world.]

[In your simulation, the higher your score, the better the rewards.]

[If you break through the limits of the simulation, you can obtain all the rewards, unique treasures, cultivation methods, and even immortality.]

[Do you want to light up your Life Lantern to enter your second simulated life?]

Li City. At the central field of Qingyun First Middle School.

Three thousand youngsters who had just turned 16 years old were sitting on the simulation square.

The simulation square was more than one meter tall. It was dark and colorful, emitting mysterious fluctuations of time and space.

The students who participated in the simulated life could anchor their souls through the simulation square and light up their Life Lanterns. From there, they could enter the simulated world and experience an exciting life.

Amidst the noise, Lin Qiye took a deep breath. His handsome face was cold, with a sense of calmness and security.

However, the young man's eyes trembled, and the fidgeting of his hands betrayed his nervousness.

Beside him was Chen Fan, who had been in the same class as him for four years, and was sweating profusely.

"Brother Ye, we have failed once. We only have one chance left...

"If we fail the second time, the Life Lantern's energy will not be able to support us to light up the third simulation.

"We will only be able to rely on one of the Galaxy Practitioners. Not only will we be reduced to child-bearing machines for the rest of our lives, but we will also have to endure the corrosion of the black fog. Not to mention, we'll only have thirty years to live!

"Are you... feeling confident?"

Chen Fan asked as he looked at Lin Qiye.

He wanted to gain confidence and strength from his "Brother Ye", just like before.

However, it was different this time. Although Lin Qiye appeared calm on the surface, he was extremely anxious on the inside.

There was even a hint of pessimism.

As a traveler, he had already seen many things.

Life was full of tragedies, whether it was in real-life or simulated life.

No one knows which came first, tomorrow or an accident.

For example, Lin Qiye's first simulation was absurd and miserable.

[You were born as a weak, preemie boy.]

[ You turned one. Your family was poor. Your parents saw that you were ugly and sick, so they threw you into a cesspit and drowned you. You died.]

His first simulation was extremely tragic.

As an infant, Lin Qiye did not have time to struggle before he was drowned by the stench, which directly caused a precious simulation opportunity to be lost.

If his second simulation was so tragic again...

He would be screwed!


To give his good friend confidence, Lin Qiye still forced a smile.

"Don't be afraid. We've hit rock bottom. The only way is up. Good luck!

"With a little bit of luck and caution, we will be able to create a Life Lantern Gem and change our fate!

"It is impossible to be unlucky all the time!"

Hearing Lin Qiye's words, Chen Fan nodded heavily.

"Thank you, Brother Ye. I am much more confident now that you have comforted me!"

Seeing that Chen Fan regained his spirits, Lin Qiye smiled gently.

However... his heart was in turmoil.

His right thumb had already pinched the knuckles of his index finger until they turned blue.

Damn it!

Lin Qiye was unwilling, truly unwilling!

After two lifetimes, how could he be willing to continue being mediocre?

However, the three thousand youths present were all the losers from their first simulation.

After a day, 98% of the students here would leave dejectedly. They would blend into the crowd, struggle for their lives, and eventually die.

Life's tragedies were so unreasonable!

Suddenly, in the sky above the square.

The school's broadcast rang.

[Students participating in the second simulation, please anchor your soul to the simulation square and light your Life Lantern.]

[Anchor your soul so that you won't get lost. Only then will your soul be able to bring your physical body back to the main world.]

[Lighting your Life Lantern can illuminate your life experience, and predict the key storyline of your life in advance so that you can make changes.]

[Remember, in the process of the simulation, you must be careful. Break through the limits of your life, and you can become a true traveler, defying the heavens and changing your fate!]

When the broadcast started, the hearts of the three thousand students were in their throats.

They were all failures in the first simulation.

If they couldn't seize this last chance, then they would be stuck at the lowest point.

This was the moment to decide their fate.

And as a transmigrator, how could Lin Qiye be willing to remain ordinary?

"Motherf*cker! I will go down with pride! If I can't accept it, I will resist! I don't believe that I will always be a loser!"

Lin Qiye spat, his eyes filled with stubbornness and determination.

This time, no matter what the opening was, he had to defy the heavens and change his fate successfully!

Thinking of this, a few words escaped from Lin Qiye's mouth.

"Anchor the soul, light up the Life Lantern, and illuminate the simulated life!"

As he finished his sentence, a bright light appeared on the simulation square.

Lin Qiye was enveloped by the chaotic light in an egg-shaped aura.

[Detected abnormal soul strength, awakened permanent SSS grade talent "The Deduction of Genesis". ]

[The Deduction of Genesis can deduce everything. The more knowledge one had, the more detailed the deduction! However, every deduction required the consumption of movement points. Movement points can be obtained by changing a critical fated event. Current movement points: 100...]

The sudden voice stunned Lin Qiye for a moment.

Permanent SSS grade talent?

The Deduction of Genesis?

This... isn't this the cheat code that all transmigrators must have?

Lin Qiye was extremely excited.

Before he had the time to understand his cheat code, the notification sounded again.

[The simulation has begun! Your Life Lantern is burning to light up the path of your life-]

[This world doesn't have any spiritual energy. It only relies on technology. Some countries are in chaos, some countries are in shambles, and some countries are trying their best after experiencing humiliation.]

[0 years old. You were born into an ordinary family in a city. You are a boy.]

[2 years old. You suddenly developed a terrible disease and had a deformed head. Your intelligence is low.]

[9 years old. Your growth is slow, and your IQ is low.]

[15 years old. You dropped out of school. Your parents were worried about you, and their hair turned gray. They fell ill and passed away.]

[16 years old. Your landed property was stolen by your relatives, and you became a beggar on the street.]

[17 years old. You, a deformed child with a low IQ also suffered from a terminal illness as a teenager.]

[18 years old. Your terminal illness broke out, and you, who had suffered a lot, finally died under the overpass.]

[Remarks: Like how a rope breaks from the thin part, bad luck finds the unfortunate. Your life is a complete tragedy.]

[A deformed head, low intelligence, lost both parents, chased out of the family, was poor, and suffered from a terminal illness as a teenager... You are considered lucky to be able to live until the age of 18.]

[Do you want to enter a simulated life and change your fate?]

Lin Qiye, who was excited until a moment ago, looked at his short life seriously.

He was completely numb.

He was deformed at 2 years old, had low intelligence at 9 years old, had both parents passing away at 15 years old, became a beggar at 16 years old, was diagnosed with a terminal illness at 17 years old, and died at 18 years old.

It was a terrible mess.

He couldn't see any hope in this life. Can he really change his fate?

Why did he suddenly develop a terminal illness?

Why did he become deformed and have low intelligence?

Moreover, he couldn't survive a terminal illness no matter what!

A terminal illness is a disease that could not be overcome and had no cure.

To complete this simulated life, he had to survive the sudden deformity at the age of two, the death of his parents, and the terminal illness as an 18-year-old youth!

These three events were all nightmare difficulties.

Lin Qiye's face was ashen.

He could only place his hopes on his permanent SSS grade talent.

"The Deduction of Genesis, can you deduce a more feasible plan?"

Lin Qiye wanted to test the effect of his deduction talent.

[100 movement points were not enough to deduce a complete plan. During the simulation, there should be other opportunities.]

His subconscious reminded Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye fell into deep thought.

He followed his intuition.

He wasn't rich, so he should make good use of his resources. He couldn't act recklessly.

Thinking of this, Lin Qiye exhaled, his gaze resolute. "Begin to enter life! I want to defy the heavens and change my fate!"

As his voice fell, the notification sounded.

[Entering simulated life. The scientific knowledge from the main world has been completely blocked, unable to be brought into simulated life. Simulated life has officially begun...]

Chapter 2
The First Life. The Cause of His Serious Illness. Successfully Changing Fate!

In Country Xia, a third-grade hospital in Jiangnan City.

The crisp and clear cry of a baby sounded from the delivery room.

A baby boy was born.

He cried loudly, and it could even be said that he was full of energy.

Amidst the loud cry, the baby boy's lungs breathed in the fresh air happily.

This baby boy was Lin Qiye.

The female doctor carried the wrinkled baby and placed him into the incubator.

"Congratulations. Your baby's cries are loud and clear, and his body status is normal. He will definitely grow up healthily in the future."

The corner of Lin Qiye's mother's mouth curled up with a maternal smile.

Father Lin was also excited. Apart from taking care of his wife, he would also lie on the side of the incubator and make faces to entertain Lin Qiye.

Unfortunately, Lin Qiye was in no mood to laugh.

Sorrow lingered on his wrinkled face.

Sigh. He felt bitter in his heart.

When he was two years old, he would have a serious illness and become a deformed child with low intelligence.

It was commonly known as being a retard.

From then on, his life's tragedy began.

If he did not reverse this tragic event that affected fate, he wouldn't be able to break the limits of this simulated life.

If he couldn't break the limits, he wouldn't be able to become a Galaxy Practitioner.

His life in the main world would also be filled with darkness.

Lin Qiye thought quickly. "If I want to solve the illness I would encounter at 2 years old, I need to take it step by step and plan it out bit by bit."

"There are only two reasons for this major illness. One is the internal cause, and the other is the external cause."

Lin Qiye, who had lived two lifetimes, realized that although the knowledge from the main world was blocked, he could still access the basic knowledge from his previous life.

He could skillfully use Ma Zhe's methodology.

"There are many external causes, and I can't eliminate them for now."

"As for internal causes, I'll first deduce my health condition and eliminate some of it."

As he thought about this, Lin Qiye activated his Deduction of Genesis.

With a thought, the deduction began.

[This deduction consumed 10 movement points (90 remaining movement points)]

[Deduction successful: Under the current situation, you have a healthy body. Only your bone marrow has a congenital acute disease gene. The genes will suddenly erupt when you became an adult.]

Listening to the information deduced, Lin Qiye fell into deep thought.

"From the deduction, the serious illness at the age of two was not caused internally. Then what is the reason?"

Lin Qiye was a little confused.

Of course, he was not too conflicted.

He had already decided that he would have a physical examination at the age of one.

Another physical examination when he was one-and-a-half years old.

Two physical examinations should be more than enough!

"My life won't be in danger for the time being. I need to seize the time to let my growth be ahead of that of other babies."

"With a strong physique, I can increase my chances of surviving the illness."

Lin Qiye's thoughts were clear.

His talent was the SSS level Deduction of Genesis. He could deduce everything. As long as he was careful, he should be able to survive it safely!

With this thought in mind, Lin Qiye felt at ease.

An hour later, he was hungry and started to wail.

The nurse carried him to drink milk.

After eating his fill, Lin Qiye felt full of strength. He started to punch and kick around in the incubator.

His small limbs became more and more powerful.

A month passed in the blink of an eye.

Lin Qiye grew visibly.

His originally wrinkled face became fair and chubby.

His arms were like chubby lotus roots, and his eyes were as black as gems. They rolled around like the eyes of a bestselling cute doll.

His height was also seven centimeters taller than the other babies born on the same day as him.

He was the strongest baby in the hospital, the one who liked to play the most, the one with the loudest laugh, and the one with the softest smile.

The nurses all doted on him.

They often ran over to play with him and praised his uniqueness and cuteness in front of his parents.

Lin Qiye's parents were immersed in a strong sense of pride every day.


Three months passed in a flash.

In his parents' small wedding room, Lin Qiye was crawling all over the floor.

He had a great appetite and could drink milk several times a day. In addition, he began to exercise and develop his body on the first day of his birth.

Therefore, he was 20 centimeters taller than the other babies born in the same batch.

However, having a great appetite also brought about a problem.

At this moment, his mother was sitting on the sofa and sighed slightly. "Hubby, there's not enough milk. Crucian carp soup, taro soup, and milk ginseng stewed pork ribs soup are all useless. This little thing eats too much."

Father Lin clicked his tongue in wonder and patted Lin Qiye's butt in amusement.

"Sigh, we can't help it... This is how all the smart kids behave. I will buy some milk powder tomorrow. What do you think?"

"Sure. Remember to buy from a big brand."

Hearing the conversation between his parents, Lin Qiye, who was crawling all over the floor, suddenly trembled.

Milk powder?

This is it!


Lin Qiye immediately grasped a keyword that could change his fate.

He understood that the reason for his deformity was probably because of this.

Ever since he was born, he had been growing healthily, and there was no possibility of him getting sick.

In other words, the internal cause was excluded.

His deformity could only be caused by external factors.

And the external factor that could cause him to be deformed and retarded should be the contaminated milk powder.

Lin Qiye didn't know if there had been contaminated milk incidents in this world, but there was a sensational incident in his previous life about this.

The symptoms of those affected babies were a deformed head and low intelligence.

Those symptoms were exactly the same as his!

"It's definitely because of the contaminated milk powder!"

Lin Qiye was determined.

"I'll test it with my Deduction of Genesis later!"

"If it's poisonous, I won't drink it. I'll cry until my parents change the milk powder. If I don't drink it, I'll be able to live past two years old!"

Lin Qiye was excited.

It wasn't easy. He had been careful since birth and finally saw a glimmer of hope to change his fate.

And this hope was close at hand. He could almost grasp it!


That afternoon, Lin Qiye's father returned from the infant store with a can of milk powder. The can was beautifully packaged and had the words "safe for babies" written on it.

Staring at the milk powder can, Lin Qiye immediately consumed 10 movement points and used his Deduction of Genesis.

[Deduction completed: The milk powder... has been added... if a baby drinks it... it will also cause...]

Shameless profiteer!

Lin Qiye spat in his heart.

If it weren't for his experience in two lifetimes of transmigration and the Life Lantern guiding him in advance, in addition to the SSS grade talent Deduction of Genesis, he would have been screwed!

Who would have thought of this?

Lin Qiye shook his head sadly.

Luckily, he had a plan.

Under no circumstances can he drink the contaminated milk powder.

Lin Qiye's gaze was firm.

But not far away, his father's laughter entered his ears.

"Hehehe. My dear son, the milk is here."

Lin Qiye was speechless.

He didn't even want to bother with it. He crawled around on the ground to let himself develop faster.

"My son, come and drink!"

Father Lin fed the pacifier to Lin Qiye's mouth.

Lin Qiye pretended to take a sip, then spat out the milk on the ground in disgust. He burst into tears, crying loudly.

It was so loud that Father Lin's head was trembling.

"Why aren't you drinking?"

"What are you doing? How are you being a father? Don't force the child if he doesn't want to drink."

Mother Lin's face was full of heartache as she hugged Lin Qiye and comforted him.

"Is it because the quality of the milk powder isn't good? My son has always been good at eating. He's the most obedient. It must be because the milk powder doesn't suit his taste."

Father Lin was puzzled. "That can't be. This is the most famous brand in the country."

Mother Lin's tone was doting. "Let's change the milk powder. Maybe it's because our son doesn't like it."

After that, she started to breastfeed Lin Qiye.

Father Lin awkwardly went out.

Half an hour later, he brought back a new can of milk powder.

Lin Qiye tested it once with The Deduction of Genesis. There was still a problem!

He took a sip and then vomited and cried.

His parents had to change three cans of milk powder in a row until the quality was considered acceptable.

Lin Qiye felt at ease.

He opened his arms and sucked wildly.

And so, the cautious Lin Qiye grew stronger and stronger.

However, to ensure his safety, Lin Qiye was extremely cautious.

Every month, he would test the quality of the milk powder once to ensure there was no danger!

He lived carefully and naturally passed the first disaster of his life.

After he passed the test, the sound of the Life Lantern rang in Lin Qiye's mind.

[1 year old. You grew up well.]

[2 years old. You avoided the milk powder incident and didn't get hurt!]

[Congratulations. You defied the heavens and changed your fate successfully! It's really incredible! Your parents couldn't help but show off your glorious deeds when you drank the milk, and your neighbors were amazed at you.]

[The Life Lantern Gem is 1/3 percent formed.]

[You obtained 1,000 movement points.]

Chapter 3

Choosing the Nobel Prize Scientist Wisdom Card!

[As the process of changing your fate is incredible, you have received an additional reward.]

[You can choose one of the following three bronze Reincarnation Cards.]

[Note: The Reincarnation Card can be brought back to the main world, and it will take effect in all future movements.]

[Champion Athlete Constitution Card (bronze)]: You have had a strong physique since you were young, and you have the potential to become a world-class athlete.]

[Nobel Prize Scientist Wisdom Card (bronze)]: You have been smart and studious since you were young, and you have the potential to win the Nobel Prize as a scientist. Wearing this card, you can also bring all the knowledge of two academic fields from the main world into this simulation.]

[Ultimate Energy Card (bronze)]: You have been energetic since you were young. Your energy is three times that of an ordinary person, and you only need to sleep for three hours a day.]

After reading the rewards, the two-year-old Lin Qiye completely let go of his nature. He giggled, and his laughter was like that of the characters in Teletubbies.

The rewards were extraordinary!

They were so good that Lin Qiye found it hard to believe!

One had to know that movement points were the common currency of the galaxy world and the main world. Regardless of whether it was resources or treasures, they all needed to be purchased with movement points.

And 1,000 movement points had met Lin Qiye's expectations.

His SSS grade talent, The Deduction of Genesis, required exactly 1,000 movement points to deduce the next solution to his dire situation.

In other words, with these precious points, Lin Qiye could defy the heavens and change his fate!

Thinking of this, Lin Qiye rolled on the ground happily, like a kitten caught in the sunlight.

Mother Lin picked him up and smoothed the wrinkles on his clothes. "Good boy, what are you happy about?"

Lin Qiye did not speak.

His thoughts stopped on the additional reward.

He knew about it.

When he was in school, he had learned the corresponding knowledge.

It was difficult to trigger the additional reward. One had to avoid a dead-end during the simulation process to trigger it.

His teacher had said that the additional reward was something that could only be found by chance. Even if one had simulated the galaxy world hundreds of times, they might not be able to encounter it once.

However, Lin Qiye never expected that the first time he defied the heavens and changed his fate, he would trigger the rare additional reward.

As expected, life was full of surprises.

Lin Qiye clicked his tongue in wonder, and his gaze danced on the three cards.

"But... three Reincarnation Cards. How should I choose?"

Lin Qiye was in a dilemma.

The Constitution card and the Wisdom card were both top-notch treasures, and he couldn't bear to part with either of them!

The Champion Athlete Constitution Card could allow the wearer to have a strong physique from a young age and not die easily.

The Nobel Prize Scientist Wisdom Card could make the wearer smart and studious from a young age and become a Nobel Prize scientist.

Lin Qiye didn't know what to choose.

He was in a dilemma.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up as he thought of a solution.

"I'll first deduce the perfect plan to change fate and then choose the Reincarnation Card based on the plan. Wouldn't that be perfect?"

Thinking of this, Lin Qiye immediately used 1,000 movement points to activate The Deduction of Genesis.

After a few seconds, Lin Qiye obtained the answer.

Conquering a terminal illness was a high-level difficulty problem.

If he wanted to directly deduce a plan to conquer it, he would need to spend 10,000 movement points.

Lin Qiye was not that rich.

The solution he obtained was to understand the technology of this world and become a leader in the field of biotechnology.

On one hand, the more profound the knowledge he had, the more exquisite the solution he could deduce.

On the other hand, he could use the entire country's strength to conquer a terminal illness.

Lin Qiye understood. "I choose the Nobel Prize Scientist Wisdom Card."

The moment he made his choice, a clear current surged into Lin Qiye's mind, and the speed of his thoughts increased dozens of times.

His eyes were bright and shining, appearing to be exceptionally intelligent.

"The Wisdom Card's bonus is really high."

"I can move on to the next step of the plan."

Lin Qiye was quite happy.

"The next important plan is to go to kindergarten.

"If I am still in the tragic version of life, I would have gone to kindergarten at the age of nine.

"But now, fate has changed.

"Everything has changed.

"I want to go to kindergarten when I'm two years old. This is the most perfect plan!

"However, if I want to go to kindergarten, I have to show my talent and intelligence. Otherwise, my parents won't allow it, and the kindergarten may not make an exception to take me in."

Lin Qiye nodded secretly and immediately cupped Mother Lin's face with his small hands. "Books! I want to read! Mommy, I want to read!"

The childish words that came out of Lin Qiye's mouth frightened his mother.

"My son, what did you say?"

"Books. I want to read, I want to read!"

His mother was a little confused. A two-year-old child couldn't speak so clearly. Moreover, he wanted to read right away. Wasn't that a little strange?

However, she thought of the magical incident where her son vomited after drinking a mouthful of poisonous milk powder when he was young, coupled with the fact that his height was comparable to that of a four-year-old child.

Mother Lin was no longer surprised.

She placed Lin Qiye on the ground, took out a children's drawing book, and unfolded it in front of him.

Lin Qiye was speechless.

To a genius, this book was terrifyingly retarded.

Lin Qiye did not mind. Before Mother Lin could read it to him, he flipped through the children's drawing book. Every page he flipped, he would spit out a word.

"Lion, tiger, bear, crocodile... It's too simple. I don't want to read it."

Mother Lin could only throw away the children's drawing book.

She took out a children's arithmetic book.

Lin Qiye flipped through the book and reiterated all the numbers.

"It's too easy. I don't want to read it."

His mother was stunned.

"My little son, are you a genius? With your level of intelligence, are you really two years old?"

Lin Qiye did not think much of it and casually memorized a multiplication table.

Then, he placed his hands on his hips and stood proudly.

"I want to go to kindergarten! I want to study in kindergarten!"

Mother Lin was a little conflicted.

Kindergarten was for children who are four or five years old.

Should her son go to kindergarten when he was two years old?

Wasn't it a little early?

However, in terms of height, her son had already developed to the level of a four-year-old child. Going to kindergarten was not a big deal.

More importantly, he was too smart. He was so smart that he could memorize the multiplication table by heart!

The multiplication table should be second-grade knowledge, right?

Where did he learn it?

On TV?

Mother Lin's mind was a little confused, but she felt more excitement and pride.

Her son was definitely a genius!

She was overjoyed. Holding her cell phone, she quickly contacted the best kindergarten in the neighborhood, Hongtongtong kindergarten.

The fee was 30,000 yuan per semester.

Mother Lin paid the fee quickly.

It allowed Lin Qiye to successfully blend into the kindergarten.

Because Lin Qiye was too cute and younger than the other kids, the kindergarten teachers took extra care of him.

They coaxed Lin Qiye as if he was a baby.

However, they never expected that Lin Qiye, who had been obedient, would start to show his true colors after half an hour.

First, he mingled with the children. Then, he shouted in the crowd, "Our parents won't come to pick us up! They don't want us anymore!"

"They threw us here because they abandoned us!"

Then, Lin Qiye burst into tears. He cried so hard as if his heart was torn apart, and his voice shook the clouds.

The other children were a little confused at first.

But after ten seconds, they cried like dominoes had been pushed down.

Some of the children were more sensible and did not cry initially.

Lin Qiye would walk up to them and say, "Mom and Dad have already thrown us away, right? Right? Right? Right? Right?"

Under Lin Qiye's crazed attacks, which child could control their emotions?

In the entire kindergarten, not a single child was spared, and a group of crying children was not easy to coax.

Usually, after coaxing a few, they would be hooked into crying again.

It took the young teachers two hours to slightly calm down the bawling children, but they were still sobbing quietly.

In the end, Lin Qiye once again fanned the flames at the side. The children who had stopped crying fell into the second round of breakdown.

Even the children from the next class joined the wailing team.

The young teachers were on the verge of a mental breakdown!

Even the principal had a breakdown.

She hurriedly called Mother Lin.

"Is it Lin Qiye's parents? I'm sorry, your child is really... too different from the rest.

"Mother Lin, I beg you, please take him away! The kindergarten is willing to compensate you with double the tuition fee!"

Mother Lin was speechless.

She tried her best to apologize and try to redeem herself, but the principal pleaded with tears in her eyes.

And so... On the first day of school, Lin Qiye was honorably expelled from kindergarten.

He even got back the thirty thousand tuition fees.

After returning home, Lin Qiye looked at Mother Lin with an innocent expression.

"Mom, I want to go to primary school. I want to go to primary school for lessons."

Lin Qiye didn't want to waste time, because his terminal illness would erupt at the age of 18.

He had to seize every second to complete his heaven-defying fate-changing plan.

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